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To the officers of the Order of Many Faces I agree to the following:

  • $250 membership fee must be received within 14 days of acceptance
  • I understand that the membership renewal fee is due annually on September 1
  • I understand that a $50 late fee will be assessed if more than 30 days in arrears
  • If more than 60 days late, I may be considered for membership suspension or termination

By typing your name into the box below you are agreeing to the terms listed above at least until we get your actual signature on a real piece of paper.


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OOMF Fee Payment Options

Or feel free to jump on the process and mail your membership application fee via check or money order now to:

Order Of Many Faces (OOMF), 957 Old Shell Road, Mobile, AL 36604.

We will hold your application fee in escrow until you are inducted as a member and will refund in full any application fee if you are not selected to be a member of the OOMF.

You can't lose and it's our inaugural season, so you don't want to miss out on our first best party! Send in your membership fee today!

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